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Dental Trauma UK - Saving injured teeth

Emma Stephens

'I slipped in the bath - my mouth looked like something from a horror movie'

Emma Stephens, from Bromley, works for a telecommunications company and is a mother of two girls aged 11 and 7. Last year, she fell over in the bath.

"My mouth looked like something from a horror movie," recalls Emma. Fortunately, her quick thinking partner put the tooth that had fallen out in a glass of milk. "I was too distraught to ask why", she recalls.

Emma was taken to hospital by ambulance, where the maxillofacial surgeon she saw put the tooth, much to Emma's dismay, straight back in its socket. "The doctor explained that placing my tooth in milk could potentially have saved it - a fact few of us are aware of, but something we should all know about."

Due to the seriousness of her injuries, the hospital she visited was unable to help her any further. However, she was later seen by Miss Serpil Djemal at King's College Hospital, where she underwent three hours of reconstructive dental surgery.

"The dentist tried to match my new smile with my old one, but could only do this from a 'selfie'. Luckily, I had a photo of what I looked like before on my phone but many of us don't - it's worth remembering something as simple as a photograph can save your smile."

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Emma smiling