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Dental Trauma UK - Saving injured teeth

Who are we?

Dental Trauma UK is a charity set up in 2014 to promote best practice in the management of injured, damaged or knocked out teeth following a traumatic dental incident.

Our aims are to:

  1. Inform the public about what to do if a tooth is knocked out of the mouth
  2. Support and advise dentists in the management of all traumatic dental injuries

If you would like to invite one of our Members/Regional/Country Representatives to speak at your meeting/group/club etc, please see the directory.



Bish bash bosh 2024  

The evening lecture series for 2023 was a resounding success with excellent speakers and great attendees.

The next series, for 2024 will be posted here soon!

The lectures are free of charge to members and attract eCPD.  







Become a member

As a member of Dental Trauma UK you will be part of a growing group of keen and enthusiastic  people  improving the way that dental trauma is managed.

In addition to FREE access to the Dentaltraumaguide there are many more member benefits. See link below for other membership benefits when you join Dental Trauma UK.

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Website Sponsor and links

british endodontic society

Many thanks to the British Endodontic Society for sponsoring the set up of this website


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