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Dental Trauma UK - Saving injured teeth


If you lose a tooth, all is not lost! If you act quickly, you can save your teeth, and your smile.

Carlota Berruezo: 'I have my smile back and I'm proud to support the work of DTUK'

Carlota fell off her bike, and went over the handle bars; landing teeth first. "I didn't know what to do or where to go", she recalls.

Emma Stephens: 'I slipped in the bath - my mouth looked like something from a horror movie'

Emma Stephens, from Bromley, works for a telecommunications company and is a mother of two girls aged 11 and seven. Last year, she fell over in the bath.

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Carlotta had a bicycle accident

Carlotta shared her traumatic experience when she went over the handlebars of her bike.

Emma slipped in the bath

Emma has fully recovered from her trauma when she slipped in the bath.