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Dental Trauma UK - Saving injured teeth

What does Dental Trauma UK do?

We are a charity set up to promote the best way to save teeth that are injured, damaged or knocked out as a result of trauma.

Dental trauma can occur anywhere, any time and when playing sport, cycling to work, or due to accidental trips and falls.

Did you know that if a tooth is knocked out of the mouth, the best thing to do is put it back into place? If not, put it in milk and see a dentist as an emergency.

Dental Trauma UK aims to

  1. To inform the public about what to do if a tooth is knocked out of the mouth
  2. To support and advise dentists in the management of all of the other types of injuries to teeth that can occur

Have a peep at the website to find out more information. We have a poster that can be downloaded free of charge.

Remember, the website is still being developed so bear with us but if you do not find what you are looking for, please contact us and we will try and help you.

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