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Our general advice is that anyone engaged in sports should adopt a "No mouthguard no play" policy.

For best protection a well fitting mouthguard made by a dentist on models of your mouth should be worn.

Mouthguards are made of a rubber material and fit over your teeth and gums and there are 3 main types:


Custom fitted

  • Offer the best comfort, fit and protection
  • More expensive than the other types
  • Made by a dental technicain to an exact mould taken by your dentist
  • May be made in various colours and flavours with pictures and writing in some designs
  • In growing children these may need to be replaced regularly

 White mouthguard custom made



  • Do not provide enough protection
  • Can be useful as a cheap alternative to custom made mouthguard if wearing braces until brace treatment finished
  • Usually larger than boil and bite types to allow for different jaw sizes
  • Used straight from the packet and do not require moulding

 non mouldable mouthguard

Boil & bite

  • Not recommended as they do not provide enough protection
  • Standard type sold in sports shops and on the internet
  • Placed in hot water to make soft then moulded to your mouth
  • Many different styles mouthguards ranging from £1 - £35 with different flavours and designs

 boil in the bag

Australian hockey player finds out the hard way.. (warning, graphic image) 



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Laura Keate

Laura Keates plays for England Rugby Union and Worcester RFC. She never plays without her mouthguard :0)

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