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Dental Trauma UK - Saving injured teeth
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Knocked a tooth out?

Don't panic!

Here's what to do to help save your tooth

Step 1: Pick the tooth up by the crown only (do not touch the root)

Step 2: Lick the tooth clean if it is dirty, or rinse it in water

Step 3: Stick the tooth back in position (adult teeth only)

*** Never try to re-insert a baby tooth ***

Step 4: Bite on a handkerchief to hold it in place

Step 5: Go straight to a dentist

If it's not possible to put the tooth back in position, put the tooth in milk and go straight to a dentist (out of hours go to A&E).

For more details see 'Save a Knocked Out Tooth'

Broken or chipped a tooth?

Tooth fragments can sometimes be glued back into position.

Find the fragment and take it to your dentist who might try or will build your tooth up with a tooth-coloured filling.

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pick it, lick it, stick it

keep calm and stick your tooth back in

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